1. Maybe grand forks works force needs to learn how to treat there employees and pay better that’s why gf is struggling for ppl but I can bet if that mill come that 200 plus jobs will be filled very fast

  2. They're trying to replace us!!! We all know it. Diversify or else! We can do things to counteract this movement. We can boycott certain products. WE THE PEOPLE. If we can get the whole city together, we can move mountains. Something this country has never seen before. God be willing. ✝️ Curse that plant.

  3. Why gf ND? kickbacks and tax breaks! China has figured out they can take our country and resources by using the good old american greed system to buy us out………

  4. Vote this man into office and others like him, men and women who have lived in GF for decades and know what's best for the community. Like many, many, many cities, government no longer represents the people, but special interests. City Councils meet more and more in private, farm their decision making processes out to expensive consultants, waste tens of thousands and more before a vote is ever announced or made. It sounded like disrespect to me coming from the man who wouldn't turn up the sound. Unfortunately I don't know the man's name who spoke, but he made sense, spoke so well and right, and I am not hearing anything said by the council. Please update us. I grew up in GF and am always interested. I have a couple of finance degrees if you ever want a review, no charge.

  5. Don't do business with tyrannical CCP. It's blood money! They have killed tens of millions of their own citizens and are still at it. They cannot be trusted!

  6. Higher wages help bring/ retain workers. Hope these guys dont actually think that small stimulus check actually made people not want to work. Its low pay that makes people not want to work for you.

  7. I’ve seen this situation in our town before. That city council ain’t listening to a word that man said all they see is dollar signs. Nothing will change until the council get elected out of office.

  8. They the CHINNESE will move in their own labor from CHINA. F THE COMMUNIST. Then they the commies will send the product to China. Check what the CHINNESE tried in Idaho.

  9. We should never be investing in any Chinese company. We are Americans and should invest in America. China has never been a friend of the United States.

  10. Rather than the city investing in a chinese company whether direct financially or through tax breaks, why doesn't the city invest in companies that are already here?

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