Concerns Among Lake Property Owners Over Proposal to Give 160,000 Acre White Earth State Forest to Tribe

WHITE EARTH STATE FOREST, MN ( A bill in the Minnesota Legislature would give the state owned, 160,000 acre White Earth State Forest to the White Earth Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. It raises concerns among lake property owners in the area about what would happen with fire protection, road upkeep and other matters now handled by the DNR. It also raises questions about what would happen with property owner’s taxes.
Bill SF 3480 is Raising some eyebrows
from folks who own lake property around
the white Earth State Forest the bill
would give uh 160,000 Acres the three
pieces of land in monoman Clear Water
and Becker counties now owned by the
state and managed by the DNR it would uh
give all that State Forest land to the
white Earth band of Minnesota Chipawa
tribe now what’s not clear with all this
is uh what would happen to management of
that land the roads fire protection so
on and so forth and what would happen
with uh Lake Property Owners taxes who
would be in control of that a lot of
questions on this still not answered
we’ve reached out to some of the Bill’s
authors and we hope to have more on all
this as a uh bill now sitting in uh the
legislature it’s not up for a hearing
right now according to their calendar
but it does raise a lot of questions as
a proposal to give 160,000 acre white
Earth State Forest uh to the tribe we’ll
have more on this story later this week
I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. A middle-ground solution would be for the state to keep the property but let the Indians harvest the trees (with DNR oversite). Indians get the financial benefit of the land and all Minnesotans can use it. Win-win.

  2. then will the 'tribe' give the land to those who wer there when they arrived and conquered and colonized them? pre clovis. I want my ancestors land back taken by the romans.

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