Circle of Friends Animal Shelter in Grand Forks Faces Major Financial Issues Leading to Shake Up

GRAND FORKS, ND ( A look at the partial financial statement of Circle of Friends Animal Shelter in Grand Forks shows the major problem behind the board of directors decision to close its animal adoption center and eliminate its CEO.
as we reported earlier the board of directors of the uh Circle of Friends Animal Shelter in Grand Forks announced that they are eliminating the CEO Laura Lee Tupa job and closing their animal adoption center on South Washington uh We’ve now received a partial copy of their finances and you can see why nearly a million bucks in the hole this is their financial statement from April through October of 2023 ends up with a net revenue of minus $935,000 by far their largest expense was employee salaries and benefits just between April and October of 2023 of $841,000


  1. All for the humans…how sad…they take for there fun and pleasure…the animals suffer..what kind of people are these..and the community respected them for years…
    How sad ,how terrible,
    I hope there are sum big consequences for this behavior !!!!!!!
    Can not be minimized….!!

    I still wonder what was behind that man who was gonna shoot the animals??
    U never hear the full story..they always keep sumthing back…..

  2. i feel like this place is always struggling. always needing more money, always asking for help. is it just bad management or what? or does gf just have the highest number of abandoned pets in the country? this place will be lucky to get a dollar in the future with this scar on their record , obviously they needed all that money to pad their pockets.

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