Chasing Down Adventure in Grand Forks on a Late Friday Afternoon

GRAND FORKS, ND ( A male suspect is in custody following a short pursuit and foot race in Grand Forks.
some breaking news out of Grand Forks late on this Friday afternoon we just had a Pursuit on the south end of town just talk with the deputy uh Neno the gr Forks Sheriff’s Department who said another deputy at 345 tried to pull over a subject on a traffic stop and the suspect took off for about only one to two blocks and then bailed out of the vehicle and took off running however that same Deputy caught up to him quickly and put him in cuffs uh don’t have a name of the suspect yet 38-year-old male uh driving under suspension likely will now be facing fleeing and refusal to Halt on foot charges he already had uh outstanding warrants I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


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