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Best blades to cut old Cast Iron Pipe.

I have a Milwaukee Sawzall. What are the best blades for cutting cast iron sewer pipe (in the basement)? I went to my local Plumbing...

Junk coming out of the kitchen faucet

Single-handle kitchen faucet. Turned to cold water flows fine. Turned to hot the same flow the faucet vibrates a bit. Strange. Changed the handle...

DWV pipe through stemwall

I am wondering if there is a limit to where I can put our 3" drain pipe through our new stem wall. Adding on...

What good is an above-floor rough-in tub?

What good is an above-floor rough-in tub? An above-floor rough-in tub, also known as a freestanding or raised tub, offers several advantages compared to traditional...

Moen Flo Help – making me crazy!

I installed a Moen Flo and it is a total nightmare so far because it did not learn what a water softener regen is....

Durham Fittings

Why do Durham fittings have a short tapping to them and a groove on the other half on the inside of the fitting? Durham fittings,...

Navien 210A NPE, Air vent leaking water

My Navien NPE 240A tankless heater is about 8 - 9 years old. I've owned the house for 2 years. Twice in the last...

New Water Heater: What to look for?

Had the HVAC tech out last week for the annual system check and he pointed out some rust bubbles forming on the bottom edge...

Well pump pressure tank bad?

I have a deep well pump that is short cycling every few seconds. The top third of the tank sounds hollow when tapped. The...

need to add wall outlet for a dishwasher

My Kitchen Aid dishwasher, installed in 1970, has finally bit the dust. Can't get parts. It is hard-wired to a 2-wire Romex cable coming...

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