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Samantha Weinstein was a Canadian non-binary actress who starred in “Jesus Henry Christ” and appeared in the 2013 “Carrie” remake. 

Samantha Weinstein’s legacy 

Weinstein began acting as a child performer, appearing on “The Red Green Show” in 2003. Appearances on TV shows followed, including “72 Hours: True Crime,” “At the Hotel,” and “The Border.” Weinstein had several voice roles on animated programs, beginning with a recurring role as Janine on “Gerald McBoing Boing” and continuing with “Super Why,” “Babar and the Adventures of Badou,” “D.N. Ace,” “Dino Ranch,” and others. In 2017, Weinstein played Effie in the TV adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel “Alias Grace.” 

Weinstein’s first feature film was “The Stone Angel” in 2007. She went on to appear in such movies as “The Rocker,” “Carrie,” and “Haunter.” Weinstein starred in the 2012 movie “Jesus Henry Christ” as Audrey O’Hara, a teen girl raised experimentally without gender bias. She was also a singer and guitarist in the band Killer Virgins. 

In a 2022 essay, Weinstein wrote about her too-young diagnosis with ovarian cancer and shared that she was non-binary. She noted that she didn’t have strong pronoun preferences, and she wrote about being grateful for the support of her loved ones and learning how to embrace her full identity. 

Notable quote:  

When I finally sat down with [my mother] to talk about it in depth, she said, ‘I don’t understand. What’s wrong with being a woman?’ To which I replied, ‘Nothing!’ End of sentence! Women are the best! I just didn’t feel like one.”—from July 15, 2022, Love What Matters online article 

Tributes to Samantha Weinstein 

Full obituary: Deadline 

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