1. A Ray Epps-type character was spotted holding a Confederate flag (in Canada?)and his face was totally covered. He was called out as a fraud and left.
    The Still report, on rum bull, has footage of thugs wearing all black coordinating with police and media in Belgium.

  2. If you know these acts really happened please, as a reporter, show the evidence of that. There are thousands of cameras on the scene. Remember, without your personal credibility you are seriously diminished in the eyes of others and yes, even in your own eyes.

  3. Little support? Maybe try looking again… Almost $10,000,000 Canadian raised through gofundme, trucks that go on for miles and miles, and hundreds of thousands peacefully protest while you choose to broadcast the fact that there are a few idiots out there. Seems like a pretty intellectually dishonest report or you're suffering from severe cognitive dissonance. Either way it proves your'e not a trust worthy news source.

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