Calendar parking was lifted during last night’s Thief River Falls City Council meeting. The council also discussed dangerous ice on the Thief and Red Lake Rivers.

“City alleyways are getting pretty muddy,” said Councilmember Aarestad. He brought up to the council about lifting calendar parking. After discussion, effective immediately, calendar parking has been lifted in Thief River Falls. It was, to end on March 15th but with the warmer weather, and the 10-day outlook looks like warmer temperatures,  effective immediately calendar parking has been lifted. Mayor Brian Holmer can issue calendar parking back on if needed.

Also, Dale Narlock told the council that there has been testing on the river current, and he said, “there is a lot of flow under the ice which is 16” or less. With the current wear, fish houses need to come off as soon as possible. Plus, storm sewers are adding wet spots on the ice, and with the warmer temperatures the ice is getting very thin.”

Councilmember Steve Narverud said, “the city trails are in pretty good shape. City crews have been working on getting the snow off, but with the thawing and freezing overnight its still slippery. The trail over by NCTC has been packed down from snowmobiles running on them, but they will be melting soon with the warmer temperatures.  And when you are out walking your dogs, please clean up after them. Also, all outdoor rinks are now closed for the season.”