BREAKING NEWS: Police Chase Suspects in Valley During Early Friday Morning

BLANCHARD, ND ( We have an early Friday morning pursuit of suspects in the Valley. It started in Fargo and is now in the Blanchard area.
some breaking news out of the Central
Valley at about 5:00 a.m. on this uh
Friday morning we had a pursuit of
described as uh dangerous individuals
out of Fargo uh then later on the uh
vehicle was they lost sight of the
vehicle and apparently saw it again by
grandon and then the uh suspects were
chased over by
Blanchard uh where they are as the last
we heard it sounds like they found the
vehicle but not the suspect
and we uh calling out a drone team to uh
try and find the suspects uh no further
details on this we’ll update the story
as soon as there’s uh new more
information I’m Neil Berg reporting
for I

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