BREAKING NEWS: Grand Forks Active Shooter Call Actually Man Shooting Rodents

Neil Berg out here in Grand Forks on Far North Washington with a little breaking news we had a report of an active shooter but it wasn’t this is out on North Washington Street out by Grand Forks trust we’re nearly out to I-29 here just talked with Grand Forks Police who said they got a call of an active shooter a dozen squad cars just cleared the scene we had und police Grand Forks Police Sheriff’s Department still on the scene here but again it was a guy who was shooting at rodents false alarm on an active shooter call brought a very large police response very quickly in Grand Forks nobody injured I’m Neil Berg reporting for


  1. This is what happens when liberals move into the country. We got called in on going deer hunting. The call was. "There is a group of six or so guys out with ar style rifles with full body armor suiting up around there vehicles looked like militia activity there all dressed in orange clothing they look very dangerous.

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