BREAKING NEWS: Active Shooter Call In Grand Forks Was Man Shooting Rodents

– Report of an active shooter in Grand Forks, Far North Washington
– Police received the call and a dozen squad cars responded to the scene
– Und Police, Grand Forks Police, and Sheriff’s Department were still on the scene
– It was later discovered that a man was shooting at rodents, causing a false alarm
– No one was injured
– The incident brought a significant police response quickly
– The location of the incident was on North Washington Street, near Grand Forks Trust and I-29

Police in Grand Forks, North Dakota, received a report of an active shooter, but it turned out to be a man shooting at rodents. A dozen squad cars were sent to the scene, but the incident was quickly resolved without any injury. The false alarm highlights the sensitivity around possible mass shootings in the US, which has seen a number of high-profile attacks in recent years.

Bullet Summary:
– North Dakota police respond to active shooter report
– Incident turns out to be a man shooting at rodents
– Large police response highlights sensitivity around mass shootings in the US


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  2. This is what happens when liberals move into the country. We got called in on going deer hunting. The call was. "There is a group of six or so guys out with ar style rifles with full body armor suiting up around there vehicles looked like militia activity there all dressed in orange clothing they look very dangerous.

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