Bizarre Twist Unveiled: Suspect Claims Spell Cast on Him Before Attempted Assault in Bemidji, Minnesota

BEMIDJI, MN ( – In a peculiar turn of events, the case of an alleged assault in Bemidji, Minnesota, takes a bizarre twist as the suspect claims he was under the influence of a spell cast by a woman. The incident, which occurred on April 21st at a residence on the east side of Lake Bemidji, unfolded in a series of alarming events.

According to court documents, 38-year-old Roger Dale Harper of Cass Lake, Minnesota, faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and first-degree property damage. Harper allegedly drove a vehicle into the victim and crashed into the victim’s house, causing significant damage exceeding $11,000.

The victim reported observing Harper’s vehicle parked suspiciously on the street before the incident. Harper, in a Mirandized statement, claimed that an acquaintance, described as a Satanist, had cast a spell on him, leading him to believe that the residents were a threat that needed to be stopped.

As the investigation continued, Bemidji police obtained a search warrant for Harper’s blood or urine to determine his potential impairment during the incident. This bizarre case highlights the complexities of the human psyche and the unexpected turns in criminal investigations.

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