BIZARRE BUT TRUE! Jeremy Bentham

Jeremy Bentham's Unique Legacy at University College London

LONDON, UK ( – In a blend of historical reverence and peculiarity, the remains of the renowned philosopher Jeremy Bentham have been a constant presence at University College in London since 1850. Bentham, a significant figure in the fields of philosophy and law, left a rather unusual request in his will, leading to a unique posthumous journey.

Following his death, Bentham’s body underwent a full dissection, as per his wishes. His skeletal remains were then meticulously dressed and seated in a chair. To add a lifelike quality, a wax mold of his face was created and attached to the skeleton. This display, intended as a lasting educational tool, has been housed in a special booth within the university for over a century and a half.

Adding to the intrigue, Bentham’s mummified head originally accompanied the display, resting near his feet. However, due to repeated thefts and the ensuing need for better protection, the head was eventually removed from public view and is now securely stored.

Bentham’s auto-icon, as it is known, is more than a mere curiosity; it reflects his lifelong commitment to learning and his unorthodox approach to life and death. This remarkable story continues to captivate visitors and scholars alike at University College London.

Reporting from London, I’m Tom Berg for TRF News, bringing you the extraordinary tales of history’s notable figures.



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