Bemidji Man Shot Through Open Window Of Home, Mom Wants Answers

BEMIDJI, MN ( A Bemidji man was shot twice through an open window of his home nearly 2 weeks ago. At this point, police have not made public mention of the incident. Meanwhile, the victim’s mother wants answers.


  1. Damn. Wonder what he did. It could be jealousy. You never know. My son dresses dope asf and we live in MPLS, in a poor neighborhood . all the other N8V kids that go to his high school are good to him, he never gets picked on, he stays to himself for the most part except at school. So jealousy? Idk unless he’s getting money, he’s a drug dealer. Drug deal gone bad?

  2. Bemidji had a sheriff some years ago that was determined to put a stop to the drugs, and gang activity in Beltrami County but others in law enforcement were going to have nothing with his cracking down on the crime, drugs and gangs.
    They trashed him so bad that it destroyed his marriage and drove him to the point of resigning.
    He went to Cass Lake and they did the same over there.
    Bemidji deserves what they are getting.
    They refuse to admit there is a problem or do anything about it.
    To many cops, lawyers and judges on the take.
    Didn't help when they had a cocaine addict for a prosecuting attorney.
    I can't imagine the prosecuting attorney they have now is any better.
    They just keep cutting repeat offender loose to commit another crime and do harm to someone else.

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