Bemidji Apartment Building Landlord in Fargo Required to Evict Residents due to High Crime Rates

BEMIDJI, MN ( The landlord of a Bemidji apartment building that’s been the scene of numerous crimes has been ordered to vacate the building by June 13th.
ridgeway apartments in bemidji have been the frequent location of crime more specifically building 2830 the scene of shootings stabbings and other crime dangerous for the folks who live here and bad publicity for the city of bemidji which has now given the landlord 30 days to vacate the property the landlord is neta property management out of fargo i talked with a spokesperson on the phone who declined to comment but a ridgeway tenant invited our inews camera person along for a tour of the building as bemidji rental inspector ben hein explains the order to vacate against the landlord you say the building 2030 has been given notice to vacate can you kind of explain what that means and how that came about yeah absolutely so basically the condition of the building has deteriorated as such that it’s just not it’s not safe for the tenants anymore and working with the police department and the fire department and the building department the choice was made and agreed with the city council to file a notice to vacate basically what we did was we revoked their permit to run a rental property at that specific address in bemidji until such times that they can make it safe for their tenants we’ve done numerous stories there regarding crime what what does the what what’s the premise of how you can order that now or what’s the problems with the building sure so the police actually deal with all the crime the rental division takes care of of the life safety aspect of the building itself so broken windows unsecured accesses holes in the walls which allow fire to be able to penetrate through in the event of a fire things that are life safety crime of course is definitely a concern but it’s the life safety of the tenants is what the city is focused on how many people are living in that apartment building now or families or units yeah there there are 18 units in there and of the 18 10 are occupied and there is a a lady that helps facilitate some of the tenant relationships around there and i’ve been working with her and she’s moving a couple of families over to a different building and a couple of families to another building and then i believe that leaves us with about six families that will be needing relocation okay all right and uh this is supposedly is there a deadline when this has to be completed june 13th we we need to hear something back to deciding on what neta wants to do if they’re going to rehab the property or you know however they want to do that and again neta property has declined to comment at this point so what happens with this building after that june 13th deadline remains up in the air i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


  1. Our building is bad also. It's been flooded black mild and lots of vacant apartments that are gutted. Waiting to see if our landlord is going to fix it up as promised or we are gonna end up like this place

  2. You get the troublemakers out of there vacate them. Sounds like North Minneapolis for crying out loud. It's not just about the safety of the building, the safety of the tenants because of the crime.

  3. Looks just like the reservation the tenants moved from to live there!
    This is what you get when the landlord is a slumlord and the state is paying the rent for deadbeats.

  4. 😂 This Place is The Ghetto of Bemidji Since I moved In Been nothing But Hella Gun shots, break Ins, My Car was Broken into sadly plus The Landlord Towed my Car But her Excuse is "I tell everyone once a Year"

  5. Have those people vacate to where??
    Nobody wants those trashy, violent people as neighbors! TF!

    How about the ones causing trouble just get arrested "LIKE FOREVER"!
    That's not the property owners fault. It would make no sense for him to keep fixing things, if bad people keep breaking it. But if the owner tried evicting the bad ones then the owner would/could get sued for discrimination!!

    Why does decent society keep putting up with trash!!

  6. Yea, that's gonna do a lot of good. Put a group of people who are already strained in an even more strenuous position and send them out on the streets. It's like evacuating a jail and releasing the criminals to roam free and create mayhem. Just glad we don't do stupid stuff like that in Grand Forks.

  7. Where in the heck are they 2 go unless they are going 2 find them another place 2 go and see 2 it it's the right amount they are paying what u going 2 do is put them on the street and live in a box if u are going 2 remove them u have 2 find a place 2 go before u boot them out boy this world is going 2 pots

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