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Dom Famularo was a drummer and drum teacher who became renowned and respected for his four decades of advocacy for the art. 

Dom Famularo’s legacy 

Famularo was already playing drums professionally by the time he was 12 years old. He initially played as a jazz drummer, but soon branched out to myriad other styles. He studied under such jazz players Jim Chapin and Joe Morello and took his passion for learning as a sign that teaching was his future. 

For over 40 years, Famularo was an in-demand instructor sought out by top talents in the field. He offered his clinics and masterclasses to the entire globe, teaching in China, New Zealand, Philippines, Costa Rica, Belgium, Serbia, and countless other countries. His travels led to him being dubbed “Drumming’s Global Ambassador.” 

Famularo changed with the times, too, embracing technology as a way to educate more musicians. He helped Drumeo develop online teaching techniques and collaborated with the SABIAN Educators Network (SEN) to improve how technology could reach musicians. Both “Modern Drummer” and “Drum!” voted him Best Clinician in 2006, and he was the author or co-author of several books on drumming and music theory, including “It’s Your Move,” “The Cycle of Self-Empowerment,” “Drumset Duets,” and “Groove Facility.” 

Notable quote 

“When you see the students learn something and they grow from your energy and your expertise, that’s a pretty inspiring feeling so I kept on going with it.”—from a 2010 interview in The Drum Ninja 

Tributes to Dom Famularo 

Full obituary: Modern Drummer 

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