Behind The Scenes: A Date With A Convicted Murderer In Bemidji, Minnesota

BEMIDJI, MN ( A woman survived her date with Terry Bercier in Bemidji. She met him online and he’s now facing Kidnapping and Criminal Sexual Assault charges. The victim also didn’t apparently know he is a convicted murderer.
a 49-year-old Terry J burer of buiji has been charged with kidnapping to facilitate felony or flight and third deegree criminal sexual conduct according to court records at 12:58 a.m. on Sunday Bel tramy County 911 dispatch received a text from a woman who stated she was being held against her will by a man who had also sexually assaulted her the victim stated the man’s name was Terry or Mike that text LED deputies to verer residence in buiji where he was arrested the female victim stated she’d met verer online and wound up at his house that’s when he started talking to people who weren’t there and he wouldn’t let the victim leave verer stated to deputies that the victim wanted rough sex and he thought the victim was part of a group tracking him the victim had shut herself in the bathroom until deputies arrived deputies reported Blood on the sheets in the home and blood in verrier’s groin area in June of 1995 verer was convicted of second deegree murder in hanpen County Minnesota I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


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