Behind the Glitch: Unveiling the Mystery of Beltrami County’s Dysfunctional Website

BEMIDJI, MN ( – After months of frustration, Beltrami County, Minnesota’s new website remains plagued by a critical flaw: it fails to display the current jail inmate list and photos. In a quest for answers, we conducted a records request and engaged in a conversation with Emergency Manager Chris Muller. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. The website, crafted by GHD Digital, cost a hefty $35,200, with an additional $1,661 allocated to Pro Phoenix Corporation.
  2. This sophisticated system, utilized by dispatchers and law enforcement, meticulously archives records of calls, reports, evidence, and photos.
  3. Despite its intricate database structure, the website still struggles to generate the crucial jail inmate list with accompanying photos.
  4. The repercussions extend beyond inconvenience, as the inmate list serves as a vital resource for news outlets, families searching for missing individuals, and law enforcement.
  5. Promisingly, Emergency Manager Chris Mohler assures that the system is undergoing rigorous testing this week, signaling a hopeful resolution on the horizon.

Stay tuned for updates as the saga unfolds.

I’m Neil Berg reporting for

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