Arrest of Minnesota Murder Suspect Michael Harlan in Michigan

A Minnesota man who walked out of court in March before a Hennepin County judge read his verdict on murder charges has been arrested by the FBI in Michigan.


Incident Details:

  1. Charges:
    • Michael Harlan, 29, faced charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for selling fentanyl pills to 29-year-old Cole Linnell, causing his death.
  2. Escape from Court:
    • Harlan walked out of court in March before the Hennepin County judge could read the verdict on the murder charges. He claimed the need to use the bathroom and never returned.
  3. Warrant Issued:
    • Law enforcement issued a warrant for Harlan’s arrest after he fled while out on bail.
  4. Verdict and Guilt:
    • Despite his escape, Harlan was found guilty on both counts according to court records.
  5. Arrest by FBI in Michigan:
    • After months of evading authorities, Harlan was arrested by the FBI in Michigan at an apartment complex near a Detroit suburb.
  6. Arrest Footage:
    • Ring footage from a resident at the complex captured the arrest, showing law enforcement in the parking lot requesting Harlan to surrender.
  7. Arrest Process:
    • Authorities, using a loudspeaker, informed Harlan of the FBI’s arrest warrant and requested him to open the door. He was ultimately taken into custody.
  8. Current Custody Status:
    • Harlan remains in custody at a jail in Detroit and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning.


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