North Valley Public Health will be holding COVID-19 Vaccination Office Hours. They will be offering 1st, 2nd and booster doses of all vaccines. Use the links below to register or call 218-745-5154 for assistance.

12-3-21 Link: https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/4586608129

12-10-21 Link: https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/8469510821

12-15-21 Link: https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/8412608559

12-22-21 Link: https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/2658434109

North Valley Public Health is holding clinic at the MCC-Elementary School on 12-8-2021 for anyone 5 and old needing vaccination. This clinic is for those that are receiving second dose from November 16 clinic. There are slots for those that need first dose as well.https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/8962153880Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources.Get Vaccine Info

Inter County Nursing

Pfizer vaccine for anyone 12 years and older – 1st, 2nd, and booster doses for 18+ (6 months from 2nd dose). Check below for eligibility for the booster dose.

Pfizer vaccine for 5-11 year olds – 1st and 2nd doses (see specific clinics below that offer Pfizer for this age group.

Moderna vaccine for anyone 18 years and older – 1st, 2nd, and booster doses (6 months from 2nd dose). Check below for eligibility for the booster dose.

Several clinics are located at Inter-County Nursing Service – lower level of the Pennington County Government Center 101 Main Ave N, Thief River Falls  Walk-in or pre-register using the links below.

Clinics for 12+

12/3/21 – Moderna/Pfizer combined clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/6035129965

12/10/21 – Moderna/Pfizer combined clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/5012348569

12/17/21 – Moderna/Pfizer combined clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/0315262498

12/22/21 – Moderna/Pfizer combined clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/1832953604

12/29/21 – Moderna/Pfizer combined clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/6035129488

Clinics for kids 5+

12/3/21 –Pfizer KIDS clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/6035129965

12/8/21 – Pfizer KIDS clinic at Franklin Middle School: Franklin Middle School Multi-purpose room (Door #9) https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/0135621529

12/17/21 –Pfizer KIDS clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/8514296030

12/22/21 – Moderna/Pfizer (adults + kids) combined clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/1832953604

12/29/21 – Moderna/Pfizer (adult + kids) combined clinic:    https://prepmod.health.state.mn.us//appointment/en/reg/6035129488