An Exclusive: Red Lake Detention Center Staff Member Accused of Serious Drug Offense

MORRISON COUNTY, MN ( An employee of the Red Lake Detention Center in Red Lake, Minnesota is facing a major drug charge, along with another man. Holly English and Bruces Sayers Jr. are each chaged with possession of 63 grams of cocaine. Sayers is also facing a weapons charge.
drug busts are an everyday occurrence but this one raises all kinds of questions Holly English and Bruce sers Junior both of Red Lake Minnesota are facing first-degree possession of 63 gram of cocaine marijuana was also seized but here’s the part that raises all the questions Holly English works at the Red Lake detention center now at this point we have no information on where the drugs may have been possibly headed here’s what’s documented according to the criminal complaint on February 19th a State Trooper pulled over the driver Bruce sers Jr in royon Holly English was a passenger it all led to a seizure of two packages of marijuana and 63 G of cocaine a Glock pistol was also seized both have been charged with first-degree controlled substance crime possession of more than 25 gr of cocaine the charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in a $1 million fine sers is also facing a felony charge for illegal possession of firearm because of a prior conviction we’ll follow this case and keep you updated I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. Being MN, the marijuana shouldn't be much of an issue on its own. However, if the feds decide they want to, they can go after them for possessing it along with firearms, which becomes its own class of charge.

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