Adam Fravel’s Attorneys Seek Venue Change Due to Media Coverage

Adam Fravel
Adam Fravel

WINONA COUNTY, MN ( – The attorneys representing Adam Fravel, charged with first-degree murder in the March 2023 killing of his ex-girlfriend Madeline Kingsbury, are seeking to move his trial out of Winona County, Minnesota. They argue that extensive media coverage in the area would prevent a fair trial.

Fravel, who is the father of Kingsbury’s two children, has his lawyers filing a nine-page document on Friday requesting the change of venue. This follows an earlier motion for a change of venue filed in January. State prosecutors, however, are requesting that the trial remains in Winona County.

Kingsbury’s remains were found on June 7th last year, adding to the case’s publicity and the defense team’s concern about finding an impartial jury.

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