A Vehicle Crashes Into a House in East Grand Forks on Tuesday Evening

EAST GRAND FORKS, MN (trfnews.i234.me) Emergency crews are on the scene, after a vehicle backed into an East Grand Forks home Tuesday evening.
some breaking news out of east grand forks on this tuesday evening we have a pickup that’s backed into the living room of a house this is at 1728 river road northwest in east grand forks north of gateway drive along the river uh cross street forest court there is an ambulance standing by we haven’t heard of any injuries from the crash but no details yet on exactly what happened but we have a pickup here backed into a house on river road in east grand forks more details when they’re available i’m neil carlson reporting for eye news dot tv


  1. Yeah that's my sister's house. No one was hurt fortunately. Guess the kids had to be extracted from the truck by fire and rescue, hence all the emergency vehicles. A lot of people shaken up, but everyone still has their health.

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