1. 303 Were sentenced to get Hanged. The president stopped only 264 releasing them. So that mean there Only 38 Were Hung. Does that mean only 1 of the 39 That was supposed to Killed. Did he get away or died in jail or something lame

  2. 1962 the Governmeny has real time film. 38 Dakota hung. Now film wasn't developed bey 1889. Tell me how they had a 1900 movie camera record this. They Rewrite history so much its amazing. Ok they had picture of the Civil Way of Abtamah Lincon. You don't think the Gov Did have a moving picture 10 years latter? I say it on Utube. Aliens can you explain in your brain how so much information has been deleted? Serch: utah ufo 2013 hit send.

  3. Largest number of comments on a submission seen so far in iNewz history? Interesting. As a former resident of the northwest part of the state , an Ojibwe from the nearby res told me this did indeed catch their attention as to how resistance was ultimately futile against invaders who meant deadly business. But at least they got the Red Lakes and Bemidji , eh? Winning! We Old Settler Cherokee got most of Arkansas (secretly) and parts of Oklahoma. Woot! Now get to gambling , ya paleass dinguses!

  4. This is applied racisim by the federal goverment. Men a wemon and children. They were all singing a honor song and a traveling songs. Five days prior to this murdering the president freed the slaves. Vicious racist back then. Terrible just terrible. What a crime by a president.

  5. 156 years later and all that's happened is…
    The government has better disguised, desensitized,
    and civilized the entire euthanization process to seem like, treatment or safety and prevention !

    Now the entire nation looks like we work in a wood shop, wearing a little dust mask that does not stop dust, let alone an infectious disease !
    It was interesting to see so many comply so fast😵😵😵
    I learned alot !

    And it gave me an idea or two…

    I should just 🤔
    Put up a chain link fence, to stop mosquitoes from entering my property !

  6. WOW they gave the USA stuff then got cheated out of TWO treaties were forced to change there way of life starved and they killed good god

    And may they Rest In Peace

  7. 600 men, women and children died in the uprising, August 1862. If Minnesota had its way back then, we'd have hanged all 300 prisoners. Lincoln wouldn't allow it.
    It was a different time, war was on in the east, and life was hard for everyone in the plains. Let's not moralize, and just learn.

  8. This is why we are now forced to say give unto Caesar what is Caesar's because now the International Banking Cartels own everything read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Edom aka Zion ! We are now slaves in the Lands our forefathers conquered while the rich J's own everything and rub their hands together in the counting houses to our demise.

  9. That devil dishonest Abe it was said he was a homosexual and that he suffered greatly from constipation. First American president to sign into law an executive order while violating the original Constitution of 1789 and States Rights eventually leading to the end of the original constitution of 1789 being later supplanted by a new constitution that was never fully ratified with the addition of the 13th and 14th Amendments making all White citizens tortfeasors of the federal government making them liable to pay for any debt incurred by the Federal Government. Doing away with their God Given Unalienable Rights replacing them with Civil Rights privileges awarded by the State. While making blacks a protected minority of the Federal Government. Abe having started the bloodiest war in American History he is rightly called the First American Caesar.

  10. White USA has a black history. Shame on this murderous nation – who preaches its virtues to the world yet fails to acknowledge its murderous history. A shameful racist nation.

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